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Safe Kids Grand Forks

Programs: Home Safety

While we all work, or play, or go to school in a variety of settings, home is often the common place that links a family together.  It is where we eat, and sleep, and grow and spend a fair amount of our time.  Having a home that is safe for children and adult family members alike is an important part of parenting. 

There are many aspects to home safety that are covered by Safe Kids Grand Forks.  Here are some of many areas we cover regarding home safety:

Button Batteries

High-Powered Magnets

Carbon Monoxide

Choking, Suffocation and Strangulation

Cribs & Infant/Child Product Safety

Fall Safety

Guns & Firearms Safety

Home Buyer's Safety Guide

Playground Safety

Poisoning/Medication Safety

Safe Sleep

Television & Furniture Tip-overs

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