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Programs: Home Safety: TV & Furniture TipoversKid reaching for TV photo

Kids are curious by nature and exploring by a television that also provides entertainment can be common. As we have moved to more flat screen televisions in our home, we are seeing an increase in the incidence of television tip-over injuries. Flat screen televisions are "wobbly" by nature and can easily tip over onto a small child that is reaching or climbing in their vicinity. It is important that they be secured to the wall or piece of furniture that they are on so that this does not happen.


photo of TV mountSafe Kids is fortunate to have a partner in our TV tip-over campaign. Sanus has provided us with straps to mount television that can be accessed from our coalition for a reduced price. To obtain your mounting device for $12, please contact our office.




photo of dresser with TVWhen older style tube TV's are replaced with flat screen ones, parents often place the older television in a child's room and on top of a dresser. These televisions are heavy and if toppled over, can weigh a great deal and cause injury or death to a child. Televisions should only be placed in rooms where children will be observed by an adult and never on top of an item such as a dresser, where the drawers can act like a step ladder. If televisions are placed in an area such as this, it is very important that they be secured to the furniture, and the furniture is secured to the wall. We would encourage you to consider taking your television to a recycling drop-off site for disposal instead.

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