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Safety Information

Safe Kids Grand Forks has educational material about injury prevention available for distribution to families or organizations in the community. Presentations on many topics dealing with child safety issues related to unintentional injury can also be provided. We have the experts on our coalition to cover a wide range of injury prevention topics. From classroom presentations to bulletin boards to booth displays, Safe Kids Grand Forks will assist with your unintentional injury prevention needs.

Safe Kids Grand Forks Products

We have a wide range of safety items available at our Safe Kids office. Our goal is to provide education on the safe use of these products, as well as proper fit for items such as life jackets, helmets and car seats. We want to not just get the products into your hands, but to teach proper use and replacement of these safety devices. Therefore, we ask that you set up a time to meet with us to pick up the things that you need, remembering that we are a part time office and are frequently out in the community conducting events. Please call ahead to make an appointment or e-mail us for a time at

We have a suggested donation price for all these items. If you are not able to afford an item, please speak with a Safe Kids team member for possible resource options.

Click here to see the safety products we have available.

Safe Kids Grand Forks/Altru Health System Resources

Safe Kids Grand Forks/Altru Health System have provided a series of safety brochures and resource materials on a variety of topics. Please feel free to contact Safe Kids Grand Forks if you would like copies of these brochures. They are organized by general category for your convenience.

Coronavirus Communications

A Parent's Guide to Child Safety

Family Safety Activity Book

Child Passenger Safety

In & Around Motor Vehicles

Home Safety

Animal Safety


Button Battery


Choking, Strangulation and Suffocation




Fire and Burn

Gun and Firearm


Infant Safety


Playground Safety




TV Tipover image

TV & Furniture Tipovers

Outdoor Recreation

Emergency Preparedness

Halloween Safety

Farm Safety

Pedestrian Safety

Sports Safety/Hydration/ Concussion

Water Safety

Wheeled Sports Safety

Miscellaneous Safety Information

Research Reports

Keeping Young Children Safe Around Medicine - March 2013

The Dangers of TV Tipovers - December 2012

Distracted Drivers in School Zones - A National Report

ND Teens at Risk

NHTS School Travel Report 2011

Halloween Research Report

Ready for the Ride: Keeping Kids Safe on Wheels

Wheeled Sports Safety in Grand Forks






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